Snake Game

Snake Game

About the game Snake Game

Snake game combines trendy art with the oldest classic snake game mechanics. Start as a small worm and try to get bigger by eating. This game is designed with more beautiful funny pictures and sounds. It promises to bring players the most exciting entertainment moments.
From a small snake, collect a lot of food from all around. Raise your snake as big as possible and compete with many other opponents. Don't hit other snakes if you don't want to die. Becoming the strongest and largest snake in this arena is your victory. Have fun!

How to play Snake Game

You will start the game with a small snake. Your task is to lead it to collect food around. Naturally, since you and the other players both have the same goal, there will be competition.

You can speed up to kill other snakes by blocking its head. when other snakes hit you, they will die. When you kill another snake, they will leave all the food for you to chew!. That will help you grow up quickly. On the contrary, you also have to be careful. If you crash into other snakes, you will die.
After you have mastered how to play the ultimate snake game IO, there are many skins available in the skin store. You can unlock various skins by completing achievements like high score and playing for consecutive days.


Move mouse / WASD / arrow keys = move
Hold left-click / space = go faster

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