About the game MR DUBSTEP:

MR DUBSTEP is another version of geometry dash scratch game. Platformer game full of fun and fun sounds, vivid game colors. In this game, you will control the cube character that moves restlessly forward.

The goal of the game is to avoid obstacles with various mechanics. There will be many obstacles that you may encounter such as opponents going in the opposite direction, hedges of spikes, walls.

Try to calculate the distance and make the most accurate high jumps to avoid these obstacles. Remember, if you hit them, you will die and return to the starting point.
Try to train and improve your skills to unlock more exciting levels.

Play Mr. Dubstep is free now on

Features in the game MR DUBSTEP:

  • 25 levels with 5 different themes
  • 3 mechanics: jump, dash, change gravity
  • High quality textures, 4K . support
  • Unlockable characters


With PC: Click left mouse button to jump.

With phone: click on the screen to jump.

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