About the game GEOMETRY TILE RUSH:

Welcome to GEOMETRY TILE RUSH! Join this rhythm-based platform game, you will have the most entertaining time. Your goal to survive in this game is to go as far as you can. Jump, and slide to overcome all obstacles ahead. Stay away from the iron fences in front if you don't want your body to explode.
In addition, In the process of running on this 2D space GEOMETRY TILE RUSH. You can also meet rewards for the most agile and skillful. Collect coins and stars, raise your score, and unlock different levels. Have fun!

How to survive the longest in GEOMETRY TILE RUSH:

You must carefully observe the obstacles ahead. Calculate the exact distance to make long jumps. The jumps will help you avoid colliding with the iron pole. If you crash into them, you will explode and the game is over. You will be returned to the original starting point.

Can train your skills and challenge your friends in this race!


With PC: Click left mouse button to jump.

With phone: click on the screen to jump.

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