Geometry Road

Geometry Road

Have fun with the Geometry Road game


Geometry Road is a side-scrolling arcade game. Move your geometry block continuously left and right to dodge the triangle blocks. Want to be number one on the leaderboard? All objects in the game consist of geometric shapes.


In this graphical environment, you have to Restart the game after touching the triangles on both sides of the lane. The previous levels are pretty easy and the later levels are very difficult because the movement speed will get faster and faster. Focus carefully, and don't let any mistakes happen. To reach the final destination you have to overcome many difficulties.


Notice the golden triangle blocks, dodging them is the only way for you to survive and move on. In addition, this game also appears red triangle blocks, which are more difficult because they are always moving. You must carefully calculate its path if you do not want to be crushed by it. Are you ready for a challenging game about geometric objects? There are challenging obstacles everywhere. Overcome the obstacles and go to the next level. The levels are getting harder and harder. Have fun!


Left Move: Left Arrow or Left Click
Right Move: Right Arrow or Right Click

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