Geometry Dash Yatagarasu

Geometry Dash Yatagarasu

Adventure Geometry Dash Yatagarasu.


Prepare for a new exciting adventure in Geometry Dash Yatagarasu. Let's go to the thrilling challenges now! Your goal is to control the character through the red maze and reach the destination. It sounds easy but there will certainly be many difficulties and obstacles that prevent players from reaching the finish line successfully.

This game is a super collaboration 2.0 Extreme Demon hosted by Viprin and verified and published by TrusTa. Called "The Last Evil of 2.0," this level pays tribute to a three-legged crow in Japanese mythology called The Yatagarasu. The most epic part about Yatagarasu is that it ended one of Geometry Dash's greatest chapters - the chapter where legends rise, become dominant, and fall - 2.0. Two days after Yatagarasu was released, RobTop finally released 2.1, after about 17 months of waiting from the community. It really secured its place as a sequel to Bloodbath - as Bloodbath marked the end of 1.9, Yatagarasu ended 2.0.


Levels in the game Geometry Dash Yatagarasu.


0-4% ( Viprin ): Yatagarasu first appears in front of the player. In this section there is a Low Detail Mode key. Next is a blockchain with invisible obstacles, with their unique stats appearing as reflections on the floor and ceiling. Finally, there is a portal that leads to Anubis' part.

5-8% (LmAnubis): This contains the end of the difficult block chain, followed by a short UFO with some gravity changes. Next is another cube, this one short, with a triple jump.

9-11% (Jeyzor): This is a very long and difficult wave section with a flickering background and very tight openings. The name "Jeyzor" flashed across the ground.

12-15% (WOOGI1411): This segment begins with a UFO sequence, which then becomes a moderately tight ship sequence.

16-18% (Fiindexi): This segment starts with a simple gravity ball segment. Next is a ship of varying sizes and gravity.

19-22% ( Rek3dge ): This ends Findexi's shadow segment, before moving on to the short train scene. This is followed by a short car segment showing the name of the level, along with its logo, Yatagarasu itself, with the level name capitalized, "YATAGARASU" in the font "Oxygene 1".

22-26% (weoweoteo): It's marked by a three-speed straight-line flying segment and then transitioning to a difficult wave section.

26-30% (stellameoww): This part consists of a double speed wave part that requires good timing and good spamming, then it transitions to the smaller craft's direct flight part more easily.

30-33% ( AbstractDark ): This part starts out as a confusing block segment with teleport gates and hard times.

33-36% (Giron): This starts as a short three-speed straight, then transitions to a tricky and confusing little cube.

37-40% (Aeidux): This part starts with a tough little flying segment, with a few resizing and gravity parts to throw the player away.

40-43% (Xcy-7): This is considered one of the easiest parts in the level. This section is a simple hard block with some tight and critical timing.

44-51% ( Vermillion + Rustam ): This part begins as a double speed train segment with straight flying and hard times with "cave" effects where the player has limited vision restrictions on the obstacles ahead. There is also a skull art created by Rustam in the ball part.

51-53% (Zelda): This part starts as a short series of half-speed robots with hard times.


54-58% (Michigun): One of the hardest and most frustrating parts of the level, this one starts with a double speed robot with a hard time, followed by a cube with an equally hard time. It goes into a three-speed wave with extremely hard times and then a short but hard straight flight, with a difficult triple-hit at the end. The player must jump immediately after tripling, or else they will be dropped due to a move trigger that causes Yatagarasu to fall and kill the player, which is synchronized with the "caw" in the music.

58-62% (Luneth): This part starts with a half-speed UFO scene with a very difficult time, followed by a shadow segment with an equally difficult time. The music slows down here.

62-69% ( Hinds ): The Hinds part is again a very difficult and annoying part. It starts with a rotating helicopter with extremely hard times, then transitions to a small upside-down ship with a straight tunnel-like flight path that appears in a few levels of Hinds.

70-74% (Evasium): The obstacle damage boxes in this part are hard to spot and annoying, and the whole section is half the speed and very darkly decorated.

74-78% (Loogiah): It starts as a small ship, becomes dual, and changes back to non-dual to mess with the player and completely fly straight. Next is the half-speed wavy section with extremely difficult times and the mini-ball section with equally difficult times.

79-84% (csx42): This is probably the hardest part of the level and almost impossible. This part begins with a scene of a small half-speed train with difficult straight flight, followed by a wave with extremely difficult times.

84-93% (FunnyGame): It begins with a series of three-speed mini-ships with tricky and tricky maneuvers due to moving objects and tricking spheres. What follows is a ball segment with mechanics identical to one of FunnyGame's levels, Lonely Travel, although much more difficult and confusing.

94-100% (Riot + Viprin): Decorated by Viprin, this is mostly just a cube part, but this whole cube part is filled with complicated and difficult timing. Finally, the level ends with Yatagarasu and the words "The End". The end screen shows a very intricate work of art by Yatagarasu.


Left click to jump or fly up.

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