Geometry Dash Unblocked

Geometry Dash Unblocked

Introduction to Geometry Dash Unblocked.


Geometry Dash Unblocked is a simple game that you can play anytime, anywhere without any fees. You have to overcome difficult obstacles and you can go as far as you can in this lively space. Be successful and set your own record. Offers the opportunity to choose a different look for the protagonist, as well as new levels with many challenging and spiritual challenges.


Geometry Dash is a fascinating game with strong addictive tendencies. There are stages that the user must complete, however they are not easy to complete if you are new to the background of the game. For every level of the game, you need higher level skills to survive and win. With a few changes you can create your own levels and get new functions. In addition, the developers provide hundreds of different customization options to make the new levels as fun as possible.


Style play


Your character in the game Geometry Dash Unblocked is a simple box-like symbol that will only move forward in this game. To avoid obstacles, just jump and keep going. Spikes, gaps, and platforms are examples of obstacles. To circumnavigate large gaps or steep peaks, you can do a double jump.
You will see some mysterious coins scattered in each level that you will have to walk off the beaten path to get. If you're having trouble just passing levels, don't bother with them. They just make things harder. Because you have to complete levels to get them, they are only worth focusing on if you know well what to expect from the entire level.

In Geometry Dash, the obstacles are extremely diverse and become more and more complicated the faster you go, the higher the movement speed. This will make it more difficult for players.


The game has two modes:

  • The practice mode won't get you through the level, but it can help you figure out how to get through a particularly difficult section and give you a preview of what's coming next.
  • Level mode: you have to complete the missions in each level. Try to get the highest score to unlock more difficult and challenging levels later!


Touch the screen to jump.
Evade the spikes will kill you.
Collect balls and unlock more characters.

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