Geometry Dash Tartarus

Geometry Dash Tartarus

Geometry Dash Tartarus- medium level


Are you a fan of Geometry Dash game? If yes, you cannot ignore Geometry Dash Tartarus. Don't wait anymore! Play this game to discover many unique features. Geometry Dash Tartarus, formerly known as Silent Akbar, is a 10-star rated Extreme Devils collaboration, created and hosted by Riot, along with other creators including ItzDolphy, Aurorus, EndLevel, Cyclic, Hinds, Aquatias, Komp, Azuler and Chausa. Go through many gates and try to reach your destination. A degree that will not be verified for decades. One level cannot cross the boundary. Join me for this game.


In the game, you will control the character to dodge various obstacles and traps. You also need to go through many colorful portals. After passing these portals, your appearance will change. Try your best to reach the finish line to win.


Style play


0-23% ( Vermillion ): Level starts with a quadruple jump. The player will have to go through many challenges such as a very inconsistent spam orb, a tight chain of normal speed trains with a gravity portal, and a small mini-block orb spam. At this level, the spikes almost touch each other and there is very little space.

24-35% (Aquatias + Riot): Then the player will switch to an extremely difficult, very tight three-speed mini-train sequence with orb timing and gravity switches that will frustrate the player. Once they passed that threshold, a small narrow wave and subsequent UFO timing weren't as difficult as the first part, but it did take a fair bit of time.

36-40% (Komp): A cold ball segment begins Komp's part, followed by another extremely complicated ship sequence with more orb timing and gravity switches.

41-47% ( EndLevel + Cyclic ): The straight flight path will then be extremely tight due to a gravity gate in the middle of the straight flight.

48-53% (Salaxium): The player enters an extremely difficult half-speed copter that many consider impossible above 60FPS. Time as a cube is then the same as before the helicopter rotated.

54-63% (Azuler): After the conversion error, the straight flight part of the mini train is tight and more difficult than the normal size train because the mini train is more difficult to control. A normal sized small wave part ends the Azuler's part.

64-81% (Consequences): Hinds' part starts with some small block jumps and orb timing. The little UFO then has hard spam that requires a triple click in just half a second. Then a tight mini-wave segment follows, another mini-blockball moment, and the player will enter a nearly impossible three-speed straight flight with spikes at the end of its damage box. Then a tight straight flight. Some awkward times of the little cube and orb end the Hinds' section.

82-83% (Aurorus): Aurorus's installment begins with a complicated timed hardball and orb spam.

84-87% (Salaxium II): Then comes the second part of Salaxium, which includes a small UFO segment with pink orb timing, extremely tight spaces, and well-timed jumps. A sequence of small ships requiring perfect control follows.

88-92% (Komp II): The second part of Komp begins with a three-speed cube time and a single blue orb that the player must hit. His exam ended after a very intense wave.

93-100% (Salaxium III): The third part of Salaxium begins with a cube containing a single triple spike. There is a later ship with a direct flight section. The sequel, a cube, also includes just one click with no time to pass. The wave is then tight as in Komp's section. This is followed by a click on the little cube sphere and finally, a ball section containing two spawn times (first the exact time and then the easy yellow orb time), then the level ends.


Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings.
Avoid the spikes.
In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down.
Hit a yellow pad to jump high Hit a blue pad to jump higher (missing a gravity portal).
For bonus points, collect the coins.
Press L to toggle effects (to reduce lag).

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