Geometry Dash Supersonic

Geometry Dash Supersonic

Super fun high speed levels in Geometry Dash Supersonic


Geometry Dash Supersonic is a super collaboration of Insane Demon 1.9/2.0/2.1 created by Tootti, Ggb0y, ZenthicAlpha and Viprin and verified and published by ZenthicAlpha. This is the first installment in the Sonic Series, before UltraSonic. Supersonic was considered one of the hardest levels at the time, with some memory-heavy shadow, cube and UFO sections, and moderately tight ship and wave segments scattered throughout the level and segment. Its notoriously difficult final ship segment at the end of the level.


Geometry Dash Supersonic gameplay


0-6% (Glittershroom): This part is considered very simple, due to the relatively wide gaps between the spikes. However, the player must keep in mind the location of these obstacles because they appear for a short time before they become invisible.


6-18% (Jeyzor): Next, the player enters the signature speed double wave segment with a relatively wide walkway with two dummies and a color changing block design. Players must click repeatedly before taking the first route marked with an 'X' because going at the bottom will cause the wave to hit an invisible rectangular block wall, which adds to the need for memorization level.

18-26% (Sumsar): In this part, the player will enter a cube portal to start the part of Sumsar. The player enters the double speed cube section and will have to jump over an invisible quadruple spike immediately, then have to wait for the cube to pop out of the yellow jump box.


24-35% (Xcy7): The player can choose between three jump rounds. The first two balls will land the player in an altar of thorns, while the third ball (the blue jump ring) will land the ball in two picks. The former will throw the player against a wall (not being invisible). The last one will put the ball in a part that the player has to touch repeatedly.


36-50% (DaddePro): One will have to jump over the aforementioned three spikes, with a sudden change in speed that can decide if the player successfully jumps over the spike, which makes the spike spike three noses are quite difficult and awkward to jump over. If the player successfully jumps over the three spikes, the cube will transform into a ship.


51-65% (Evasium AKA Tootti): This is the part of the level that is one of the hardest to explain. The cube section involves holding certain parts of it to support one hoop cube and another to jump over invisible spikes. This part is very difficult. Dual mini balls are a bit less complicated. The player must click late to achieve two yellow jump rings, then click three times to achieve three blue jump rings.


65-72% (Ggb0y): The player must avoid any purple spikes distributed on Ggb0y's ship sequence. Counterfeit goods are distributed to psychologically stimulate players and force them to fine-tune their flying. The player passes through a gravity portal.


73-78% (ZenthicAlpha): Having multiple size gates makes the wave alternate between normal size and small size. Waves with double speed will give players many tough challenges!


78-100% (Viprin): Finally, the player switches to a mnemonic ball. There are many dummy blocks that look like real blocks and the player has to land on the exact same block as the ball in Theory of Everything 2. This is one of the hardest parts of the level, as the player has to quickly move through countless numbers. invisible saw blades, reminiscent of the invisible obstacles at the start of the level, and with this abundance come gravity portals that can be very dangerous.


Click the main menu button to see the levels
Click on a level to play
Press the back button if you want to go back
Click the left mouse button to jump

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