Geometry Dash Spider Animations

Geometry Dash Spider Animations

Enjoy speed in Geometry Dash Spider Animations

Geometry Dash Spider Animations is a new version that promises to bring you great entertainment. Jump and fly over danger with your geometric spider. The default spider is cute, fun to play with, great animations, and eye-catching portal. How long can you stay without falling or hitting an obstacle? Remember that the game speed will get harder and harder.

The game is based on Spider GeoMetry Square Dash with amazing detailed graphics, exceptional sound and addictive gameplay. You have to control your GeoMetry Square Box on a flying rope like a spider. Overcome obstacles and collect diamonds. This impossible dash game is full of adventure and action. Take the opportunity to help geometry achieve their goals.


Click the main menu button to see the levels
Click on a level to play
Press the back button if you want to go back
Click the left mouse button to jump

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