Geometry Dash Future Funk

Geometry Dash Future Funk

Future Funk by JonathanGD is an epic tough demon. "Western Wild" 10-star rating (Max). Geometry Dash Future Funk is inspired by the main level Clutterfunk and High Life. It is mainly known for its unique design, unique song and XL length of four minutes and twenty seconds.


Gameplay in Geometry Dash Future Funk game


Levels start with simple cubes. After a short ship section, followed by a wave section, followed by another cube, the name of the level appears momentarily. Then there's a small cube section with a few dummies, with a double-speed train chain filled with rotating obstacles following.

This section is followed by an easier single-speed robot, with a short three-speed train appearing shortly after. Next is a cube section of different sizes, with a short ball section in the middle. The sequel has a robot part, a cube, a ship part, a tight UFO and another robot part. Next is the symmetrical double, including 2 duels and dual UFOs. After a long spider sequence with some spoofing, there's a brief pause when the music slows down. As the music speeds up, the player is greeted with a slick UFO and ship segment with lots of moving objects. The sequel is also completely dual, this time a lot harder and asymmetrical, with dual block, dual block/ball dual, ship/ball dual, and robot/ball dual segment.

In the way to find the exit for the winner, try to collect coins to receive more rewards such as a vase, skull. Levels will give them a random challenge. If the player does it successfully, they will be rewarded with coins. The music for this level was removed from Newgrounds because LemKuuja was caught sampling. However, it still works in the game because it has been uploaded to the game's server.


Left click to jump or fly up.

Prees Z+M Key Open Editor.


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