Geometry Dash Death Moon

Geometry Dash Death Moon

Geometry Dash Death Moon -  level length and very advanced artwork


Geometry Dash Death Moon is an Easy Demon 1.9/2.0/2.1 created by Caustic, FunnyGame's emergency user account. Funnygame manages to create large circles in levels that are inspired by the background of the song. In addition, sequences of objects flash rapidly in the background in the final section.


Death Moon is one of the most acclaimed levels in Geometry Dash, earning critical acclaim for its intricate art, music, gameplay, and innovative effects, and being the 8th favorite Devil. in the game. The spiritual successor, Reanimation, was created by Terron and released in 2.0.


Since its inception, this game has received a lot of praise for its excellent graphics, sound, gameplay, and unique effects.




The level starts with a cube section containing functions that easily vary in speed, alternating from triple speed and half speed. The music here is tense, making the level seem intense. Then the cube redirects through the mirror gate and goes into auto mode. The player then switches to a series of ships of moderate difficulty with a bit of a tight space which can confuse some beginners.


Following the small cube is a double cube part, which requires memorization. This is followed by two hard small wave sections, with the regular wave part in between. The player enters the mini-cube section almost automatically, leading to the pre-drop of the song, where the player alternates between the ship and the ball. During this period, the song begins in the triple-speed UFO segment, which is quite difficult because the space is a bit tight. UFO also resizes once.


Past the above stage, the music becomes mellow again and the player encounters two parts of a cube with normal speed and two parts of a ball with fairly easy timing. The UFO part with timing is pretty easy. After the wave, the player enters the auto-ship section and at the end, the player must fly through an easy two-block space with no spikes below or above


SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump.
HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump.
UP Arrow = Steer vehicle up.
DOWN Arrow = Steer vehicle down.
Don't touch the spikes, or you will have to restart.

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