Geometry Dash Bloodlust

Geometry Dash Bloodlust

The Fun of Geometry Dash Bloodbath


Geometry Dash Bloodbath is a super collaborative 2.0/2.1 Extreme Demon hosted by Manix648 and verified and published by knobbly. This game is an Epic Extreme Demon Level 10-star rating. It is the remake and expansion of Bloodbath. This game is recognized for its intricate design and effects, realistic hell-like setting, and extremely difficult gameplay.


Bloodlust was started shortly after Sonic Wave Infinity was started by Riot, while Manix648 inspired the idea of ​​creating a 2.0 remake of Bloodbath, much like Riot created a 2.0 remake of Sonic Wave. On March 28, 2016, Manix648 released the first official preview of Bloodlust, showcasing a portion of Bloodbath-inspired gameplay. Manix also mentions that the level has reached 69,000 objects, indicating that Bloodlust will be one of the most object-heavy levels in Geometry Dash Scratch history. It looks like hell with a red theme. Moreover, the obstacles on this map are more dangerous, so you have to be careful! Control the flying ship and avoid all obstacles on the track. In fact, the character's appearance will constantly change.


Style play


0-3% ( Manix648 ): The level starts with a string of small ships that require extremely straight flight due to some black "diamonds" in the way.

4-9% ( weoweoteo /Manix648): After the player exits the narrow tunnel, a "DIE!!" message is displayed. The first straight airship sequence from Bloodbath is replaced with a difficult three-speed small wave segment.

10-19% (Vermillion/Pan): The new part is usually harder than the original Vermillion due to complicated orb timing and timing. Before Michigun's part begins, a large text "Bloodlust" is displayed.

20-25% (Michigun): The lanes are a bit tighter and the spikes hanging in the shadow have been replaced with giant moving spikes. The wave part also includes slightly tighter spikes and slightly different gameplay.

26-38% (Evasium and Crack /Namtar): this part is almost unchanged except for the shadow effect that makes it harder for players to see spikes and obstacles. At the same time, spikes and obstacles also appear more spikes.

39-42% (ASonicMen): The number of saw blades has been significantly reduced and replaced with walls and spikes.

43-48% (Nikrodox): The next shadow is replaced with ship sequences and UFO segments involving cross-flying and tight spaces. The last section before the autoblock section has been replaced by a stiff but short half-speed rotating helicopter segment. The player is required to jump to the end of the cell automatically. Otherwise, they will hit an invisible spike.

49-53% ( Etzer ): In this part, the constantly changing Gravity makes it significantly harder. The UFO part at the top is a bit difficult due to the narrower space and more variable gravity. The ball part is more difficult due to time complexity and more orbs.

56-57% (Manix648): This part is a short small UFO that requires a lot of complicated time.

58-62% (Giron /Havok): This part is also significantly more difficult due to the "hallway/shadow effect" that restricts the player's field of vision and the slightly narrower space in the ship part.

63-66% ( Ggb0y /Wabbit): This section features challenging graphics with the use of the difficult Michigun route.

67-72% (weoweoteo/Manix648): The extension begins with a "monster" appearing in Michigun's part, "piggybacking" the player with the words "It's not over...". The player then enters a three-speed sequence with a shift in gravity and a difficult robot segment.

73-80% (Manix648 ): This section ends with some fast-paced UFO and ball games. Players pass many difficult segments with straight flight segments containing many portals and UFO levels.

81-89% (Terron): The sequel is a tight tunnel with loads of small changes and mutations. Here, the player must keep an eye on portals that constantly change gravity and the player's mode of play.

90-94% (Willy5000): Lots of game mode and gravity changes coming in, making this whole part extremely difficult. The section ends with more straight flying.

95-100% (TMNGaming): Fast-paced segments stop and the player slows down, with "monsters" to the left of the background. Players switch to various game modes, moving at half the speed. Although slower, it requires extremely good timing and a lot of skill.


Click the main menu button to see the levels
Click on a level to play
Press the back button if you want to go back
Click the left mouse button to jump

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