Geometry Dash Acropolis

Geometry Dash Acropolis

Zobros' Geometry Dash Acropolis is a 10 star rated Mad Demon Level. Acropolis is one of the best demons in the game, as unlike most of the other demons it is slow paced but very challenging. It is famous for a lot of tight space, slow speed, "thorn ball", many small spikes and time. The player's challenge will be more difficult than ever in this game mode.


The gameplay in the Acropolis


0-15%: The level begins with a half-speed cube section that includes difficult jumps and drops that require critical timing.

16-24%: A moderately difficult ball will be a challenge for players. Need to time because thorns and thorns are everywhere.

25-33%: is the part for ships with extremely tight space lines

34-42%: The player then enters a difficult cubic area filled with traps, invisible spikes, and "orbs of spikes" everywhere virtually covering various orbs.

43-51%: If the player passes the cube, they enter a series of small ships of moderate difficulty with slightly tight space, requiring a bit of skill. However, this is not the hardest part.

52-59%: Tight UFO with fairly specific input pattern, notoriously extremely inconsistent.

60-68%: A shadow segment similar to the first one, with tough times throughout this one.

69-78%: Then they enter the cube with a few simple hops through clusters of small gray spikes. They are the same jumps repeated throughout the 9% segment but require good consistency.

79-100%: In the end, the player enters a wave segment with wide open spaces, balls of spikes and spikes everywhere. This wave part is considered one of the easier parts of the level.


Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings.
Avoid the spikes.
In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down.
Hit a yellow pad to jump high Hit a blue pad to jump higher (missing a gravity portal).
For bonus points, collect the coins.
Press L to toggle effects (to reduce lag).

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