Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin’

About Friday Night Funkin' game

Friday Night Funkin' is a fun music and rhythm game. Try to create the best music to win the lover's heart and get her father's consent. You will have to beat him in rhythm competitions and prove that you are the best singer.
Hit the arrows at the right time to make the right sound and keep the beat throughout the songs and miss as few notes as possible. Friday Night Funkin' features a story mode in which you'll have to win rap battles against various opponents over the course of 7 weeks.

How to play Friday Night Funkin' game:

After opening website, You have to select any mod from mod list. Then you have to click the Play Game button to start playing your favorite FNF MOD without downloading.
You will have to engage in a rap battle with several opponents to win and rescue your Girlfriend.
During gameplay, the opponent sings a pattern of notes (indicated by an arrow) which the player must then imitate using the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys. Some songs introduce more complex patterns, with the player's pattern sometimes differing from the opponent's or both singers participating in a duet.


Use WASD buttons or arrow buttons to play.

Press ESC to exit.

Click (+) OR (-) to increase the volume decreased.

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